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Wrist Reconstruction

Wrist Reconstruction services offered in San Marcos, Encinitas and San Diego, CA

Your wrist plays a vital role in hand function and overall arm movement. Fellowship-trained hand surgeon Anisa Yalom, MD, in northern San Diego, California, treats many wrist injuries and in severe cases provides complete wrist reconstruction. If you have a severe wrist injury, contact the office to schedule your appointment. Call or use this website to book.

Wrist Reconstruction Q & A

What is wrist reconstruction?

Wrist injuries can be particularly complex due to the intricate network of bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerves involved. When you’ve experienced trauma, injury, or damage due to a degenerative condition, wrist reconstruction can restore stability, strength, and functionality to your wrist. 

Wrist reconstruction is recommended when your wrist’s structures are severely damaged or compromised, affecting normal wrist movement and function.

What types of conditions require reconstruction? 

Wrist injuries can result from:

  • Car accidents
  • Falls onto an outstretched hand
  • Sports-related impacts
  • Chronic conditions like arthritis 

Fractures, dislocations, ligament tears, and chronic wrist pain are all reasons you may need reconstruction.

How do you perform wrist reconstruction surgery? 

Wrist reconstruction surgeries are highly individualized and depend on the specific injury and its severity. Dr. Yalom is expertly trained in surgical techniques that may involve repairing fractured bones with plates and screws, reconstructing damaged ligaments, realigning dislocated joints, and even replacing severely damaged joints with prosthetic implants.

What is it like to recover from wrist reconstruction surgery? 

Recovery after wrist reconstruction varies based on the complexity of the surgery and your overall health. Patients typically undergo a period of immobilization followed by carefully guided physical therapy to regain wrist strength, stability, and range of motion. 

The recovery and rehabilitation process can take several months. It’s important you adhere to post-operative instructions.

Will I have full wrist function after reconstruction surgery? 

The goal of wrist reconstruction is to restore the best possible wrist function considering your condition and the extent of the injury. While some patients regain near-normal function, others might experience limitations. A successful outcome depends on various factors, including your commitment to rehabilitation and the extent of tissue damage.

How can I prevent wrist injuries that might need reconstruction? 

While you can’t avoid all accidents and injuries, taking safety precautions during physical activities, wearing appropriate protective gear, and maintaining good wrist posture can help minimize the risk of wrist injuries.

Take care to address any underlying health conditions and seek medical attention for wrist pain or discomfort at an early stage to also avoid needing wrist surgery in the future.

Call the office of Anisa Yalom, MD, or use this website to book a consultation and find out more about wrist reconstruction.